Cactus Plumbing and Air is an experienced plumbing company in Fountain Hills, AZ that offers various services including slab leak detection and slab leak repair. Recently we were called upon to address a slab leak at a local property. The homeowner noticed that water had begun surfacing underneath their kitchen cabinets and exterior wall, indicating a hot side line leak coming from the wall manifold near the water heater and laundry room. Cactus Plumbing and Air arrived on-site and determined that the line was 1/2” copper and running from the manifold to the kitchen sink. To fix this issue, the plumber needed to reroute the line so they could access the top plate in the wall which runs along its perimeter - requiring drywall cuts 18" to 24" below ceiling height on exterior walls since fire blocks may also need access.

Using our knowledge and experience, we began work on rerouting plumbing lines in slab foundation while ensuring all safety measures were taken into consideration first (e.g., turning off water supply). After completing of all necessary steps for accessing top plate in the wall and rerouting the line, we taped back all drywall cuts before repainting them for aesthetic purposes. All told, Cactus Plumbing and Air completed this job with an estimate of $3,700 - much less than what could have been expected due to their expertise and efficiency during repair work. Our customer was grateful for the swift response time and quality service when it came to addressing this slab leak!

To ensure top-notch results at an unbeatable price point (especially considering how much labor is involved), Cactus Plumbing and Air sourced all necessary materials from connected suppliers so as to obtain wholesale prices for our clients. Once all new materials were acquired and installed correctly within manufacturer guidelines; Cactus Plumbing and Air inspected all worksites for any loose connections or faulty installations before finally refilling with fresh water for testing purposes.

What Causes Slab Leaks and How to Repair Them

A slab leak is a leak on a pressurized water line that runs underneath the concrete from one location in your home to another. It can be caused by faulty or deteriorated pipes, or it can be the result of shifting ground, tree root growth, or corrosion. The most common symptom of a slab leak is an unexplained increase in water bills. Other signs may include pooling water near the foundation, damp carpeting and walls, unexplained wet patches on floors and walls, and warm spots on concrete floors.

The best way to repair a slab leak is to reroute the entire line. This means removing the existing pipes and replacing them with a new pipe system. It’s important to note that although this option is more expensive than other methods, it eliminates any further risk of leaks and corrects any structural damage that may have occurred during installation. It also allows for better control over temperature and pressure levels. If you’re not able to reroute the entire line, there are other options such as going through tile and concrete or sleeving the line with a smaller pipe, but these methods are not recommended due to their higher likelihood of causing future issues down the road.

Cactus Air and Plumbing Scope of Work

Cactus Plumbing and Air is pleased to offer our professional slab leak repair services for clients in Fountain Hills. Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable about all types of slab leak repairs and can handle any size job.

To start, we will start slab leak detection and assess the damage to determine what type of repair is needed. This process may include the use of specialized equipment, such as electronic listening devices or video cameras, to solate and identify the source of the leak. We can also provide an accurate estimate on how long it will take to complete the repair and any additional costs that may be incurred.

Once we have identified the source and severity of the slab leak, we will begin with cutting into the concrete at two access points. One access point will be used to remove a section of pipe from beneath the concrete slab, while another access point will be used to install new piping as necessary. We will then install all necessary components, including valves, supply lines, isolation valves and expansion fitting. The new lines will be routed overhead and connected to both manifolds before being pressurized, tested and secured with straps and nail plates at each access point.

The damaged line that was removed from beneath the concrete slab will then be abandoned by properly sealing it off with foil tape at both ends. All areas around work sites that were disturbed during cutting or installation processes will be cleaned up before our technicians leave your property.


Before attempting any repairs yourself, it's always best to contact a professional plumber who can accurately assess the situation and safely make necessary repairs.

Cactus Plumbing and Air also offers additional services for clients who need help identifying a potential slab leak before the repair takes place. These services include using specialized water-detecting technology to identify any moisture buildup or changes in temperature that could indicate a hidden slab leak within your home's foundation or walls. If these tests detect a potential slab leak problem, our technicians can take additional steps to diagnose further if needed upon request.

Our team takes great pride in providing high-quality customer service in addition to superior workmanship when it comes to taking care of your plumbing needs in Fountain Hills area homes and businesses. Check our website to see all recent projects.