As a homeowner in Gilbert, Arizona, you understand the significance of having a smoothly operating plumbing system. Regular plumbing maintenance is essential; not only to ensure that your pipes remain in excellent working condition but also to safeguard against any potential water damage caused by a pipe failure. Although a DIY shower installation may seem like an affordable and effective solution, it can quickly become a nightmare for your home's plumbing. At Cactus Plumbing and Air, we have experienced professionals ready to inspect and address all of your plumbing needs. Today, we're sharing the most disastrous shower installation mistakes to avoid at all costs when installing or upgrading your showers.

DIY Shower Installation vs. Shower Installation Services

While there is a myriad of information available on how to install a shower as a DIY project, it might not be the most advisable approach. Undertaking a DIY shower installation has its merits, such as potentially reducing the cost of shower installation, but unless you possess expert plumbing knowledge, it could lead to myriad problems down the line.

Opting for shower installation services from a team like Cactus Plumbing and Air can not only save you time and effort but also minimize the chances of mistakes that put your plumbing system at risk. This decision leads to a hassle-free experience and ensures your shower system installation adheres to industry standards.

Shower Installation Mistakes Plumbing Gilbert

Common Shower Installation Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Inadequate Waterproofing: The most critical aspect of your shower installation is waterproofing every section of the shower area. Incorrect or insufficient waterproofing can lead to mold damage, seepage, and dampness. Homeowners should ensure that their contractor or plumber installs an appropriate shower lining beneath tiles that adequately cover the entire shower floor and extends up the walls.
  2. Neglecting to Adequately Slope the Shower Floor: Without proper sloping, water can pool in your shower, promoting the growth of mold and mildew. This means tile, grout, and substrate can degrade faster with an improperly sloped shower floor. To prevent these issues, ensure that your shower floor slopes at least 1/4 inch per foot to guide water to the drain efficiently.
  3. Improper Choice or Installation of Shower Valves: There are three most common types of shower valves - pressure balance valves, thermostatic valves, and a combination of pressure balance and thermostatic. Each type of shower valve operates differently, with individual benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the wrong valve or incorrectly installing the correct one can cause issues with water flow, water temperature, or failure to protect against potential scalds.
  4. Picking the Wrong Shower Drain: A shower drain should not only match your bathroom's aesthetic but should also function effectively. There are two main types of drains: Linear and point drains. Understanding the distinction between the two and their respective uses is crucial when selecting the most appropriate drain for your shower. In addition, proper shower drain installation, including appropriate waterproofing, is vital in preventing leakage and potential damage.
  5. Ignoring Local Building Code Requirements: We understand different states and cities have their unique plumbing and building codes. To avoid code violations, fines, or even costly future remodeling, consult your local building codes while planning your shower installation. These codes mandate specifications, such as the minimum width of a shower or the minimum distance between the showerhead and the bathroom floor.
  6. Cutting Corners on Tile Installation: Tile installation seems straightforward, but inexperienced individuals will undoubtedly miss essential details. Corners often vary by a few degrees, which can lead to improper spacing and uneven edges. Investing in professionals who specialize in installing shower tiles can save you from future troubles.
  7. Insufficient Ventilation: Moisture is a recipe for disaster considering its link to mold and mildew growth. Aside from promoting structural damage, mold can also lead to health issues. When installing a shower, it is imperative to assure your bathroom's existing ventilation system comprises vents, fans, and windows to allow proper air circulation and remove excess humidity.
  8. Inadequate Shower Storage: It's not enough to have a shower installed; it is also necessary to take into account storage. If you plan on using your shower as an everyday restroom, proper shelving and storage racks are necessary for your daily needs. From soap and shampoo bottles to washcloths and razor blades, adequate storage will add convenience and comfort to your bathroom experience.

Shower Installation Mistakes Plumbing Services Gilbert

Avoid Shower Installation Mistakes

Cactus Plumbing and Air offers a wide range of custom shower installation services to ensure your new shower looks great and functions optimally. Our team can help with the entire process — from selecting the right materials to making sure all plumbing codes are followed. Plus, we have experience working with various types of showers such as clawfoot tubs, steam showers, multi-head showers, and more.

If you're looking for reliable shower installation services in Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding areas, get in touch with our team today. Call us now to learn more about how we can make your dream bathroom a reality!